Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Federal Recluse Begins

Greetings from the desert of far west Texas! I have used the term "Recluse" in this blog's title because that is very much what I am. For the past nineteen years I have been living on a patch of bleak moonscape, all alone, cogitating, reading and teaching the principles involved in liberty. By that, I mean individual liberty. We should all be as free as we can be within the context of an orderly society--politically, economically and personally. What I think is valid, I will pass along to you with the necessary explanation, since the concepts involved here can be quite complex.

In my two decades of teaching political science, it has become abundantly clear to me that the vast majority of people have no conception of what it takes to gain freedom, to retain it, and how to lose it. The United States is losing its liberty. Indeed, a great deal of it is already gone. It seems that many Americans sense that this is happening, but do not possess the intellectual ammunition to prevent it from continuing to its ultimate conclusion: tyranny, despotism, totalitarianism. Perhaps it is presumptuous of me to think that I can do anything at all about this long-standing trend. But I feel the need to try. I will do my best to provide anyone with that intellectual ammunition who does me the honor of reading what is to follow. I know many are interested: I can see my students eyes light up when concepts are explained and the truth is revealed to them, stripped of all the lies, doublespeak and propaganda to which they are exposed in the mainstream media as well as in their schools and universities.
So there you have it: a tutorial in individual liberty as best as I can provide it. Included as well will be the occasional book review on readings that are absolutely essential to an understanding of freedom. My intention is to post twice weekly. But that will not be a hard and fast rule. More may come as the pressure builds within my hermit's skull. This should be an interesting ride. But of course you will be the judge of that. Thanks for your time, and remember: Live Free or Die!

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